On today"s version of Monday Evening Raw, the WWE World was lastly dealt with to what seemed completion of the AJ Lee/John Cena dispute. Faced yet once again by handling manager Vickie Guerrero and also a number of "witnesses," AJ headed out to the ring to stop Vickie"s continuous badgering.As both females sniped at each various other, the foreseeable occurred. John Cena"s songs hit, as well as he came rushing to the ring to assist his "good friend,"AJ. He struck the center of the ring and also challenged Vickie, that was having none of it.Then, the minute lastly came. Cena transformed, and also with a reasonable quantity

of interest, kissed AJ on the mouth before Guerrero and also the whole group at Wright State College "s Nutter Facility. As Cena counted on speak with Vickie, AJ ordered him, and also both kissed once more. Finally, we were mosting likely to be supplied from this idiotic angle. Considering That Cena and also AJ plainly are

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participated in a charming connection, Vickie might ultimately quit attempting to show it. In truth, because Lee isn"t Cena "s "employer"any kind of longer, there is no factor both can not date. It was a boring, foreseeable end to a boring, foreseeable story, yet it was an end.Not so quick. Unexpectedly, Dolph Ziggler came going to the ring to quit the chaos

. He struck Cena, that chased him from the ring and also up the ramp, obviously hurting his knee in the process.Later, AJ faced Ziggler in the storage locker space(which was inhabited completely by heels ). Ziggler provided a remarkably precise as well as supercilious speech, executing Lee" s personality, both actually and also figuratively. This created AJ to strike as well as break Ziggler, obviously for being best regarding her. Video Clip Play Switch

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Cena, obviously, came to save AJ, as well as he as well as Ziggler battled via the storage locker area-- collapsing via a shower room delay (luckily empty at the time) as well as winding up on the flooring, with Cena evidently a lot more hurt than he"d been in the past.

So, there is still no end to this interminable angle. The following inquiry is: Where do we go from right here?

For Vickie, the result must be noticeable. She ought to be eased of her responsibilities as handling manager of Raw. Her activities led to an examination that truly had no factor.

Given that AJ had actually currently been gotten rid of as Raw"s basic supervisor, there"s no factor that she can"t day Cena or any person else she desires. Vickie"s evidence totals up to absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, her persistence on pestering Lee as well as Cena resulted in an evident injury to Cena, the business"s most beneficial entertainer. For this alone, she needs to be ended from her position.For AJ, the result

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is a little bit a lot more doubtful. She might have an animosity suit with Vickie. The only trouble with this is that nobody wishes to see Guerrero in the ring. She might furthermore have a suit with Vickie"s most recent henchperson, Tamina. This would certainly be extra tasty for followers, however actually, Tamina has just an outer link to the whole tale. There is undoubtedly the opportunity of a fight in between Dolph Ziggler

as well as John Cena. This has some guarantee, though the firm can have had the very same fight without every one of the AJ/Vickie dramatization. This competition would certainly benefit both guys. Cena hasn"t took on versus Ziggler in an authentic fight in a lengthy while. It would certainly benefit him to have a fresh challenger, plus it removes him out of centimeters Punk"s means, considering that Punk is certainly moving forward with his Ryback conflict.For Ziggler, a fight with Cena offers him enhanced presence. The Display is a beloved of the Web Fumbling Area, which has actually been asking for Ziggler to take the Globe Heavyweight Champion belt for a long time. Ziggler still holds the cash in the Financial institution brief-case that ensures him a chance at the WHC, as well as a fight with Cena doesn" t adjustment that. Both guys can profit if Ziggler can in some way come out on top of the apparently hurt Cena. Ziggler would certainly have some main-event degree integrity

, and also Cena sheds absolutely nothing, because his"injury"provides him a feasible reason for shedding to a challenging opponent.Whatever the real result of this tale is, WWE requires to obtain Cena far from AJ as well as Dolph far from Vickie. Neither male is aided by his organization with the ladies, as well as the females require to have their

very own tales to deal with. AJ can return right into the rankings of the Divas, perhaps to never ever be seen once more, and also Vickie can begin pestering whoever they reach change her as the long-term basic supervisor of Raw.Please, WWE, quit the chaos. You have 4 practical celebrities right here. In some way, you "ve located a method to integrate them that makes each of them look even worse than they would certainly by themselves. It "s time to place them back by themselves as well as begin again.