Some individuals online are implicating Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez of erasing a tweet concerning COVID limitations on services. Validate discovered no proof it ever before existed.

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Did Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez remove a tweet where she stated that "guvs should keep constraints on organizations up until after the November political elections?"

The Verify group discovered no proof that the congresswoman created and also erased this tweet. She refutes it, as well as public archives reveal no such tweet ever before existed.

An audience emailed the Verify group asking whether a supposed tweet from Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, that was shared on Facebook, claiming guvs ought to keep limitations on companies up until after the November political election is genuine.

So we"re confirming whether AOC published on Facebook that guvs ought to keep limitations on services till after the November political election.

A screenshot of a Facebook message, of the tweet apparently from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has actually been spreading out online.

In it, she supposedly composes, "It"s important that Governors keep limitations on companies till after the November Political elections since financial recuperation will certainly assist Trump be re-elected."

We began by connecting to the Congresswoman's workplace. An agent stated that AOC did not create this.

Actually, the congresswoman required to twitter to attend to the report, composing in component: "I generally do not tweet to deal with phony blog posts concerning me ... however obviously the declared "removed" resuming tweet individuals are claiming I created is a photoshopped counterfeit ..."

Our Verify scientists made use of an internet site called The Net Archive Wayback Maker, which catches pictures of internet sites regularly to develop a "virtual library."

Next off, we checked out a data source, called "Politwhoops" and also run by ProPublica, that tracks erased tweets from public authorities

We considered removed tweets from both her specialist and also individual twitter web pages and also might not locate any kind of reference of this supposed tweet.

Our Verify scientists can just locate individuals sharing the screenshot of that tweet on Facebook, not the tweet itself.

So we can Validate that our scientists discovered no proof that AOC created and also removed this tweet. She refutes it as well as public archives reveal no such tweet ever before existed.

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