This inquiry appeared of my previous inquiry Are Sesame Road Muppets human? as well as exactly how it questioned regarding the precise canon controversial.

I constantly presumed it was noticeable that [I was a kid [em> Sesame Road as well as The Muppet Program occurred in the very same world. Sesame Road Muppets such as Cookie Beast semi-frequently guest-starred on The Muppet Program , as well as Kermit the Frog was a primary personality in both programs.

Has the canonicity of Sesame Road as well as The Muppet Program with each various other ever before been formally dealt with? That is, do they canonically happen in the exact same world, or do they merely happen in comparable cosmos that could or may not vary in certain information (e.g. possibly Mr. Hooper either never ever existed or is still to life in the Muppet Program world)?

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The Muppets does not have canon or a "cosmos"

The inquiry below uses the incorrect framework of reasoning. These are not programs, or flicks, that have an interest in developing meaningful, recurring, "worlds" that the activity happens in. They are collections of personalities that are released right into numerous different setups as the manufacturers pick to make enjoyable tales therefore the personalities relocate time (contrast "Muppets in Spaaaaace" with "Muppet"s Prize Island" for instance) as well as can openly crossover without developing an approved very same cosmos.


In brief, Yes. In the movie A Muppet Family Members Xmas (1987) the Muppets (including Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Pet, and so on) take place a trip that incorporates a journey to Sesame Road, where they satisfy the Sesame Road gang consisting of Big Bird as well as Cookie Beast, as well as a side-trip where Kermit as well as Miss Piggie take a trip right into Fraggle Rock as well as fulfills a selection of Fraggles consisting of Gear as well as Doc.


Sesame Road as well as The Muppet Program personalities engage because of this

There were a number of episodes of The Muppet Program where Sesame Road muppets signed up with the manufacturing and also came. Allow"s review some highlights from these programs:

From the 2nd episode of Period 1, comes Ernie & Bert in a little bit with Connie Stevens (Bert sings "Some Captivated Night"):

Right here is one from Period 3 with a backstage scene with Huge Bird and also Miss Piggy. In this scene Large Bird points out that Kermit as well as he both "originated from the very same area: Sesame Road."

Additionally, a few of the personalities from The Muppet Program show up or were stood for on Sesame Road Below are a couple of instances:

Naturally, Kermit the Frog was often on Sesame Road throughout the very first years. Below he remains in among the numerous Sesame Road Information illustrations:

Miss Piggy does not show up "live" on Sesame Road yet her picture shows up in a couple of episodes, such as this set:


While not straight The Muppet Program , Big Bird was a cameo in The Muppet Flick. The motion picture professes to be the tale of just how Kermit ended up being a celebrity and also includes every one of The Muppet Program actors. Large Bird makes an in-joke concerning "mosting likely to New york city City to get into public tv" ( Sesame Road has actually constantly been revealed on PBS, which is American public tv)


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