Why would certainly you also take into consideration consuming a hamburger that"s been iced up? Our fresh, never ever icy burgers * allow the taste do all the talking.

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Fresh, Never Ever Icy Beef 101

If you read this, probabilities are you have actually listened to Wendy's is the queen of fresh, never ever icy beef, however based upon some frequently asked question's we have actually obtained, customers have remaining inquiries concerning why or just how we offer fresh beef on every Wendy's burger, each day *.

Below are simply a few of those inquiries as well as your awaited-for solutions.

"Just how does Wendy's not ice up beef?" and also "Exactly how can Wendy's hamburgers never ever be iced up?"

Since we obtain it from so close to our dining establishments that it never ever has actually to be iced up, we do not have to freeze our beef. Rather, we transfer it in cooled vehicles to maintain it fresh.

"Where does Wendy's obtain their beef from?" and also "Exactly how does Wendy's obtain fresh beef?"

We obtain it from ranches right below in The United States and Canada. While a few other resource their beef from as away as Australia, we stick near to house, so we can deliver it fresh to our dining establishments.


"Does Wendy's usage fresh beef?"

Yes, Wendy's has actually been making use of fresh, never ever iced up, beef given that we opened our doors on November 15, 1969.

"Just how does Wendy's maintain beef fresh?"

We maintain our beef fresh by sourcing it from North American ranches so near to our dining establishments that we do not need to freeze it, unlike several of our rivals that freeze their beef since they're obtaining it from distant locations.

"Is Wendy's beef real?"

Our beef is 100% genuine.

"Is Wendy's actually never ever iced up?"

Yes, Wendy's beef is truly never ever icy *. Every burger on our food selection is made with fresh, never ever icy beef. That's something numerous various other burger locations like McDonald's as well as Hamburger King simply can not say.We do not think you ought to require a decoder ring to determine whether your burger was made with icy or fresh beef.

"Are Wendy's burgers actually fresh?"

Yes, Wendy's burgers are all truly fresh. When you get them, they begin with fresh never ever icy beef as well as then are made fresh.

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There's absolutely nothing that tastes much more tasty than a burger made with fresh beef offered warm off the grill, which's why we do it in this way.