Derry indigenous Alan Shepard, that participated in Pinkerton Academy as well as the United State Naval Academy, plants a flag on the moon in 1971, one decade after coming to be the very first American precede.

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* Derry's Alan Shepard, that was amongst the very first 7 NASA astronauts, was the initial American precede and also the 5th to stroll on the moon.Exactly just how much did

both golf rounds take a trip that astronaut Alan Shepard of Derry notoriously appealed the moon in 1971-- half a century earlier-- throughout a Beauty 14 mission?Hint: not "miles as well as miles as well as miles"as Shepard explained. According to NASA, he made use of the head of a 6-iron affixed to the manage of a sample-collection device to strike both golf spheres on Feb. 6, 1971. British digital photographer as well as imaging expert Andy Saunders collaborated with the USA Golf

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Organization to examine remastered pictures to obtain the precise range. The verdict: the initial sphere went 24 lawns and also the 2nd 40 backyards, according to the research study launched on Friday.Saunders made use of high-resolution scans of the real initial trip movie as well as various other photo improvement strategies to find to the conclusion.New Hampshire companies and also political leaders commemorated Shepard and also the Beauty 14 objective on social media sites over the weekend.Shepard was the very first American astronaut released right into room in 1961.

10 years later on, he regulated NASA's 8th crewed goal to the moon.Apollo 14 released on Jan. 31, 1971. Shepard as well as crewmate Edgar

Mitchell arrived on the lunar surface area on Feb. 5, and also Shepard, Mitchell as well as command component pilot Stuart Roosa went back to planet with a splashdown in the Pacific Sea on Feb. 9.Manchester-Boston Regional Flight terminal discussed the "2 golf shots listened to'round the galaxy"on Friday."As a young child, Shepard rode his bike to #MHT to purge garages for trip lessons. You never ever understand where your job could take you! #FromManchesterToTheMoon,"a tweet read.U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen composed on Twitter:"half a century ago today, NH indigenous Alan Shepard strolled on the moon. Additionally the very first American precede, his heritage beams intense in the Granite State. Happy to assert him as one of our very own & recognize his groundbreaking profession." "I'm commemorating his as well as his group's explorational spirit-- we ought to all take their lead and also aim for the celebrities,"she composed on Twitter. "half a century ago today Derry Indigenous and also Beauty 14 leader, Alan B. Shepard, notoriously struck 2 golf rounds externally of the Moon on February 6, 1971!