p The nationwide anthem has actually been played/performed before every Super Dish besides Super Dish 11-- Vikki Carr just sang America the Beautiful. Betting on the nationwide anthem is still a rather brand-new point, however. The very first time sportsbooks used chances on the size of the nationwide anthem at the Super Dish remained in 2007, when Billy Joel executed The Star-Spangled Banner. Ever since, it has actually become among one of the most prominent Super Dish prop wagers. p This year, we have Jazmine Sullivan and also Eric Church doing the anthem as a duet in advance of Super Dish 55. Prior to you secure any kind of bank on the over/under, look back at the previous Super Dish nationwide anthem sizes. h2 Super Dish National Anthem Performers, Lengths as well as Betting Outcomes Super BowlPerformerAnthem O/UAnthem LengthO/U tr td 55 td Jazmine Sullivan & Eric Church 1:59 2:16 td Over td tr 54 Demi Lovato td 1:55 td 1:49 td Under td 53 Gladys Knight td 1:47 td 2:01 td Over td 52 td Pink td 2:00 td 1:52 Under td tr 51 Luke Bryan td 2:09 2:04 td Under td tr 50 Girl Gaga 2:22 td 2:22 td Press td tr 49 td Idina Menzel td 2:02 2:04 Over tr td 48 Renee Fleming 2:23 td 2:03 td Under td 47 td Alicia Keys td 2:15 td 2:36 Over td 46 Kelly Clarkson 1:34 1:34 Press tr td 45 Christina Aguilera td 1:54 td 1:53 td Under tr td 44 td Carrie Undergrowth td 1:41 td 1:47 td Over tr 43 td Jennifer Hudson 2:04 2:10 Over tr 42 td Jordin Triggers 1:47 1:54 td Over td tr td 41 Billy Joel td 1:44 1:30 td Under tr 40 Aaron Neville & Aretha Franklin N/A 2:09 td N/A tr 39 Choirs people Armed Force Academies td N/A td 1:53 N/A tr 38 td Beyonce N/A td 2:09 N/A tr 37 The Chicks td N/A td 1:33 N/A tr 36 Mariah Carey N/A 1:56 td N/A td 35 td Backstreet Boys td N/A td 1:49 td N/A td tr 34 Confidence Hillside N/A td 2:00 N/A tr 33 td Cher N/A td 1:55 N/A tr 32 td Gem td N/A td 1:27 td N/A tr 31 td Luther Vandross td N/A td 1:53 N/A tr 30 td Vanessa Williams td N/A td 1:35 N/A td 29 td Kathie Lee Gifford td N/A td 1:40 td N/A td tr 28 td Natalie Cole N/A td 2:33 N/A tr 27 td Garth Brooks td N/A td 1:45 td N/A tr 26 td Harry Connick Jr N/A 2:06 N/A td tr 25 Whitney Houston N/A 1:56 td N/A td 24 td Aaron Neville td N/A td 1:25 td N/A tr 23 td Billy Joel td N/A td 1:26 N/A tr 22 Natural Herb Alpert (on the trumpet) N/A 1:34 td N/A td tr 21 td Neil Ruby td N/A td 1:02 N/A tr td 20 td Wynton Marsalis (on the trumpet) N/A td 1:22 td N/A 19 td San Francisco Boys and also Girls Choirs td N/A td 1:21 td N/A tr 18 Barry Manilow td N/A td 1:34 td N/A tr 17 Leslie Easterbrook N/A td 1:33 td N/A 16 Diana Ross td N/A td 1:38 td N/A td tr td 15 td Helen O'Connell td N/A td 1:22 td N/A tr 14 td Cheryl Ladd td N/A td 1:18 td N/A td 13 td The Colgate Thirteen N/A 1:19 td N/A td tr 12 td Phyllis Kelly td N/A td N/A N/A tr 11 NONE td N/A NONE N/A td tr 10 td Tom Sullivan N/A 1:54 N/A td tr 9 td New Orleans Phase of the Culture for the Conservation of Hair Salon Quartet Vocal Singing in America td N/A 1:22 td N/A tr 8 td Charley Satisfaction td N/A 1:10 N/A td tr 7 Babies of Chicago's Holy Angels Church td N/A td 1:12 N/A tr 6 td United States Air Pressure Academy Chorale td N/A td 1:10 N/A tr td 5 td Tommy Loy (on the trumpet) N/A td 1:13 N/A 4 td Doc Severinsen (on the trumpet) as well as Rub O'Brien (talked) N/A 1:26 td N/A td 3 td Lloyd Geisler (on the trumpet) td N/A 1:27 td N/A tr 2 GSU Tiger Marching Band td N/A td N/A N/A td tr 1 td The Satisfaction of Arizona, Michigan Marching Band & UCLA Choir N/A 1:16 td N/A tr table The efficiency of the nationwide anthem at the Super Dish actually deviated with Whitney Houston at Super Dish 25. Houston's anthem went with 1 min and also 56 secs and also we have actually just seen one efficiency go much less than 1 min and also 30 secs ever since-- Gem at Super Dish 32, that chose 1 min and also 27 secs. Before Houston, the typical size was simply 1 min and also 23 secs. p h3 Super Dish National Anthem Trends as well as Details Below are a handful of enjoyable realities and also fads we have actually discovered: p All Super Bowls taken into consideration, the typical nationwide anthem size is 1 min as well as 42 secondsSince Whitney Houston's efficiency at Super Dish 25, the standard has actually raised to 1 min as well as 55 secondsSince wagering lines have actually been supplied, the typical nationwide anthem efficiency has actually been 1 min as well as 58 secondsThe over is simply 6-7-1 on nationwide anthem size in 14 yearsThe under has actually moneyed in 4 of the last 5 seasonsThe anthem has actually reviewed 2 mins in 6 of the last 8 Super BowlsThough Whitney Houston began the fad of extracted anthems, Tom Sullivan was the initial to truly expand the Star-Spangled Banner, being available in at 1 min as well as 54 secs in Super Dish 10-- it's the only efficiency that discussed 1 min as well as 30 secs up until Super Dish 16The fastest anthem efficiency mosts likely to Neil Ruby at Super Dish 21, that just took 1 min as well as 2 secondsThe lengthiest anthem efficiency was Alicia Keys at Super Dish 47, that took place for 2 mins as well as 36 secondsThe typical anthem size in Super Bowls organized in Tampa fl Bay is 1 min as well as 52 secs, however the more than is 1-0 (did not have wagering lines for 3 of them) Right here's a fast, top-level sight of the wagering outcomes: h3 Super Dish National Anthem Over/Under Document The under not just holds the all-time benefit, however it has actually likewise been warm over the last 5 periods as well as has actually cahsed 4 of 6 times when the Super Dish is held at an outside location. Super Dish 55 will certainly be played in Raymond James Arena, an exterior place in Tampa florida Bay, Florida. Super Dish 55 National Anthem Probabilities h2 table PropBetting LineOver OddsUnder Chances tr td Size of Jazmine Sullivan as well as Eric Church's National Anthem 1:59 td +100 -140 td tr table p The only various other genuine duet vocal singing efficiency was Aaron Neville as well as Aretha Franklin at Super Dish 40. Both chose 2 mins and also 9 secs. Sportsbooks' probabilities prefer the 2021 duet of Sullivan as well as Church being available in well listed below that, however, as the line is evaluated 1 min and also 59 secs with the under detailed at -140 chances. br imager_1_13697_700.jpg" alt="*" div br Matt McEwan NFL NBA MLB NHL NCAAF NCAAB Editor-in-Chief br Editor-in-Chief br p After operating in television, Matt transformed his emphasis in the direction of numbers, especially probabilities. He has actually been with us considering that 2016 as well as works as SBD"s Editor-in-Chief, attributed with producing our futures trackers, SBD"s rack up forecaster, SBD Sharp, and also his very own version for determining NFL SOS, to name a few items. After operating in television, Matt transformed his emphasis in the direction of numbers, particularly probabilities.

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He has actually been with us because 2016 and also acts as SBD"s Editor-in-Chief, attributed with developing our futures trackers, SBD"s rack up forecaster, SBD Sharp, as well as his very own design for computing NFL SOS, to name a few items. p