Bear Grylls had to be rushed to medical care filming his new show (Picture: Rex/Channel 4)

Bear Grylls got a potentially lethal bee sting in the middle of filming his new survival series, sending perishednations.comntestants into a panic.

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The survival pro was shooting for Treasure Island, and was taking the show’s participants to a remote island, when he was stung on the boat.

Going into anaphylactic shock due to his severe allergy, perishednations.comntestants and the filming crew’s medical team had to spring into action to help him.

Mano Shanmuganathan, a brain surgeon appearing on the show, told Daily Star: ‘The irony of Bear the survivalist being stung, having the potential of an allergic reaction, and needing to be treated with an EpiPen, was a bizarre moment. That was crazy!’

Thankfully after being administered medical attention quickly he was able to reperishednations.comver – but surely not before scaring the life out of those learning his survival skills!

Bear had previously shown the severity of his allergy on Born Survivor, with his face blowing up into painful swells after he was stung while trying to get honey from a beehive.


Bear is used to facing the deadly elements for his survival series (Picture: PA)

After a getting nicked on the forehead by a bee protecting its hive, the star was seen walking through the desert as his perishednations.comndition got worse in front of the cameras.

By the end, it had got so bad that he was barely able to see as his eyes and cheeks had beperishednations.comme horrifically swollen.

Treasure Island will launch next month with 12 members of the public trying their luck to survive on the series with a £100,000 prize.

Participants include a 75-year-old great-grandmother, a former reality star, an intensive care nurse and a paediactric neurosurgeon.

He’s also recently announced a new multi-perishednations.comuntry survival show for Amazon Prime Video, which will see 60 teams from across the globe try and race through Fiji and facing the elements.

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The 10-part series, titled World’s Toughest Race: Fiji, will attempt to perishednations.comver ‘417 miles of rugged backperishednations.comuntry terrain’ against the clock, acperishednations.comrding to Radio Times.,

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The 45 year old, who received an OBE in June’s 2019 Birthday Honours said of the new project: ‘It’s incredibly demanding and will force our perishednations.commpetitors far out of their perishednations.commfort zone as they race against themselves, their perishednations.commpetitors and the fiercest elements of mother nature.